Some Teasers..

Whilst the official designs of the new Skate Park wont be seen until next year over the past few months we have have a few drawings created to give some idea of some the features and scale of the new park.

With the funding now in place it feels right to give you a glimpse of what could be in store.. remember there are NOT the designs – but could be a part of what is created…. drum roll please.

Brick banks.. Zero Icon pump bump ….

Hubba’s, Waves, Blocks and Walls…

Fun bowl with pockets, love seat section and more….

Mini bowl / Mini Ramp with roll in / open end…

More Hubba, Brick bank and Hand Rail fun…



If you like what you see great..Remember these are NOT the official designs.

If you don’t like them that’s cool – just make sure you come to one of the User Group meetings. These are held at the Joff (Peacehaven) normally on a Friday night with the dates announced here and on the Facebook page.

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