How to get there!

In case you are wondering where the park is, its located in the West End of the new Centenary Park in Peacehaen which is just North of Piddinghoe Sports Park.


From Brighton:
Enter Peacehaven, go over the roundabout and through 2 sets of traffic lights.
Piddinghoe Avenue is the next on the left.

From Newhaven:
Through 2 sets of traffic lights. Piddinghoe Avenue is next on the right.

 Sat Nav: BN10 8RJ

BUSES from Brighton:

12 to Peacehaven.
Get of at Mayfield Ave (after the round about its the stop after the 2nd set of traffic lights) Then walk one block East along the main road and then North up Piddinghoe Ave until you get to the park.

14 to Peacehaven.
Get off at the Meridian Centre, and walk South down to ‘Greenwich Way, then turn left (heading East) and walk along into Meridian Industrial Estate , continue along ‘Hoyle Road’ until you reach the Park.

Peacehaven Sports Park
Piddinghoe Avenue,
East Sussex
BN10 8RJ


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