Skate Park Outline Design Plan

Based on lots of feed back from user group meetings and other events, and due to its location we have created an outline design plan for the Skate Park

This is outline design plan just to act as a guide to how we want the Park to feel – over time we will add more exact requirements

Outline Design Plan

To accommodate a wider range of users and numbers as possible, the park wants to ‘flow’ within each area but to keep area seperate, so for example a mini bowl / bowl area would have flow, and a street area would have flow – but not into each other.

To utilise and compliment the natural shape and contours of the land, so that the park fits into the area rather than appearing to have been delivered in sections and bolted together.

To offer some unique terrain as this is a unique project, whilst offering many of the expected features of a great skate park. Lets think outside of the box here!

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