Some History

The Big Parks Project is an exciting new initiative to create and improve outdoor sports and community facilities in Peacehaven. Due to the construction of a waste water treatment plant by Southern Water, 30 acres of land in front of the plant has been provided as part of a Section 106 agreement.

Since the start of this project we have been campaigning for a larger and better Skate Park for all local users including Skateboarders, Scooters, BMX and Inliner skaters…

Its for all of you – no matter what you ride (within reason)

Over the past few years we have attended a range of events, workshops and meetings to keep the momentum and focus – we are closer but there is still some way to go. Over this time our ‘project’ has had a few titles, but the one that has stuck and been suggested during one of the meetings is ‘Zero Degrees’.

Zero – as we are starting from nothing, new location, new funding, new ideas…Degrees – as we are on the meridan line

Some funding has been secured and more is being sought and land is outlined for new skatepark

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