Zero Degrees is the new Skate Park part of the Peacehaven Big Park Project.

This Website has been set up by the ‘User Group’ who have been working since 2010 to get a new Skatepark (Zero Degrees) as part of the Big Park Project, Peacehaven East Sussex.

The User Group consists of many of the current ‘PID’ skatepark users, however we welcome feedback and ideas from any potential future park users of this ‘inclusive’ park.

The group meets regularly either at the PID skatepark & the Joff, please feel free to come along and contribute, we will add future events here and to the Facebook Group.

This website & the Facebook Group will be used to gather feedback and update on the progress of this journey.

These are some of the contacts:

Chris Bibb:  Project Manager of the Big Parks Project based at Lewes District Council.  Overseeing the whole development of the new big park and making sure things kept within budget and to time…

Jackie Blackwell:  Working for the Big Parks Project and also based at Lewes District Council. Helping to get what the community want in the new park and working with groups to raise extra funds to make it happen.

Councillor Andy Smith:  Chair of the Big Parks Project keeping an eye on the smooth running of the big park development and helping the Project Board to decide on what to spend the money on…

Kevin Kingston:  Town Clerk at Peacehaven Town Council, he sits on the BP Project Board.  The Town Council will take over the running and maintenance of the new big park once its completed in 2014.

Mel Smith: Manager of the Joff, she keeps tabs on what’s happening for young people in Peacehaven and beyond and provides a meeting place for Zero and hosts regular skate sessions at the Joff

Tom Goulden:  Works at the Joff and goes out and about meeting young people in Peacehaven.  Wants to work with Zero to create a legal graffiti art space in the new skate park.

Grant Winter. Website / Facebook Group Admin & member of the ‘User Group’. Activity working with the the current PID skatepark users, big park project team and potential park builders.

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