Great News…

So… (subject to some final paperwork) the additional £70’000 of funding from Veolia have been approved – so firstly a massive thank you to Veolia and the team that have worked hard with the application process.

This takes the total for the skate park to £170’000 which includes the £100’000 donation from the ‘Big Park Project’ funds and will allow the park to be not a good park but a great park that will cater for the needs of the growing local scene.

The planning application for the Big Park in full has also been approved, including the Zero Degree Skate Park which is subject to some noise reducing ‘bunding’ being added to the south of the skate park.

So what’s next….

We are finalising the more detailed designed brief which will be supplied to a selection of the established skate park construction companies, in the new year that meet the requirements set out by the Big Park Project management team.

This design brief has been created based on the vast amount of feedback we have had from past user groups and meetings with the local users.

Once we have proposals back from the companies (this is expected to be February ’14) each will be audited for its merits and from this the most suitable 3 or 4 companies selected.

These will be invited to have face to face workshops with the User Group, we hope this will be in March ’14 or sooner.

This will allow for any final tweaks to designs and other questions being answered before the final choice is made and work can start in the spring.

Parks of this size typically have a build time of 12 weeks. So all going well we could be open in the summer!!

So, if you are local make sure you attend these workshops so you can add any feedback to this process.

We will keep you update with more news as we get it.

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