Post jam – massive thanks

The zero degrees jam (7/32015) turned out to be a busy day with hundreds of people at the park skating, scooting, bmx’ing and watching the riding.

On the hottest day of the year so far with blue sky’s!!

It’s was Presented by death skate boards and hardet supply co with the generous support of sponsors Brighton vans store, oceansports board riders, route one Brighton and the drawing boards. Plus some special prizes from flip skateboards.

Death skate boards dan cates was on the mic getting the riders amped but with such a big turn out it wasn’t such a hard job

The format was a loose jam session in the bowl with winning tickets been handed allowing you to pick up a prize from the tent.

The was also decks for the 3 longest grinds in the deep end and a flip deck for the best lip trick on the extension

After this there was the canvas curb comp, the vert wall challenge and finally the hand rail session took place in the street area

While all this was going on prizes and goodie bags we being given out  – users young and and old – were getting these for making the most of the skate parks features.

Finally the day was over and Time beat us, so sorry if we didn’t get to run a session that you wanted to be a part of…. What this space… We feel this could just be the first of many events!

So, thank you sponsors, thank you riders of all shapes and ages and thank you for all if you made it to the park and cheered on the day 

Grant winter – User group lead 

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