Massive Thanks…

Now the park is open, wanted to say a big thank you to all of those behind the scenes who made it happen, so a massive thanks to…..

The User Group members who attended numerous meetings and events over the years.

Chris, Michelle and Jackie at Lewis District Council and Steve and the Team at
Peacehaven Town Council who helped secure the majority of the funding and the space for the Skate Park.

Veolia for the additional funding which allows the park to be as big and exciting as it is.

John Flood (Canvas Designer) – who took our crazy ideas and shaped them into what we now have. He also added a few crazy ideas of his own!

Todd, Darren, Mark and the rest of the build crew from Canvas who battled the Winter weather and come rain, wind, snow and the occasional hour of sun and built the park.

And finally – you guys (and girls) for the support and interest … now get out there and enjoy it!


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